Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Kind of Regular Conversation Between Me & My Family!

I want more "freedom"

you have freedom

you think so...???!!




The End.

Mom brought paper for another goal, but I thought I had better talk about it again and again!... I think I never stop!!!
go ooooooon.......

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

My Hunger Pushed Me!!!

Well, the story start from here:

Our college stared to serve Iranian food again since yesterday!
As I was so late to get Chicken Kebab yesterday, I was so passionate to get it today!.. Yeah, I couldn't wait for lunch time during my Photoshop lecture! hehe .... But then you know what!!... we couldn't go for lunch as we had to participate to a "magazine launching" in our college!!!.... eeerrgh! no way!!!!!...

Anyway, again I had to wait for my lunch! (aah, I'm not that epicure as I seem here!! sorry for that! hehe)...

After it was finished, we directly went to Cafeteria with this hope: " will be still 2 Iranian foods there?!" .... Why 2 ?!... Because when I talked about this additional serving food in our college to Zaaina (my classmate) , she seemed interested in and told me she will join me!... Yeah, that's why we had to wish for "2" !

With all passion in my mind, Zaaina and I were getting close to the counter!...
Ohhh, there was food there still... But only "1" !!!! Oh My God!... I got closer as I could see something that didn't look like Chicken Kebab!... Ooops! it was another food! "Ghorme Sabzi" (vegetable stew) .... Nooo! I was sooo shocked and then decided to not take it!... However, Zaaina Knew this food and seemed interested in! she took it!

I tried to choose a dish as usual as other days that I take there!... But I was no interested in at all!... So, I just took an apple juice! (bad girl!)

For after lunch we were supposed to give Lam a surprising birthday!...
Then I could have a pieces of cake for a while and wait to get back home and eat something!

At home, I told my mother that I didn't take lunch but a piece of cake!... like most other mothers, she seemed sad and suggested me to make something for me while she was going to watch a movie on laptop! So, I didn't say yes nor no!
Yet again while I was feeding my fishes on Facebook, I was a bit complaining about today's meal but just so normal and without any anger!
Then suddenly she stopped the movie and was going to the kitchen to serve food for me!!... Immediately that I could know about it, something came to my mind and made me to "stop" my mother! : "No, Don't treat me like spoilt child!.. Go and watch your movie plzzz.." ..... Yeaaaah! I really said it!...
I was thinking :
" yes, my parents are here and always doing me a favor about food and everything!... but, what if I were alone and then nobody was there to make me a food!!! so, why I don't go and do a favor to myself by my own!!?"

Yay, I stood up and did a good dish for myself "pan-made Kebab" (hopefully we already had a bit cooked rice! I just reheat it!)

I think I did a good starting to be more (and more) independent!

Here is the result!
Thanks, My Hunger~

Monday, 1 February 2010

My Very Fist Blog~!

Hello everybody!
This is my first weblog ever!
i hope I could be able to share my issues with all people around the world, obviously whoever read my blog~