Saturday, 27 November 2010

Last minutes of my special day~

It was (still is) my birthday today!!
I just turned to 21. Happy Birthday to all who share same birthday as mine! And *Bruce Lee*!!
It was kind of first time to have a birthday as quiet as this! but of course I received lots of msgs, sms and call phones from friends and family! It was so nice to feel all kindness from every single of them! I'm grateful to that.

The best thing about today was lunch time at Sushi Zanmai!
I had lots of Sushi to celebrate!!!
I was totally full! Can't believe I got that much space in my stomach!!! Haha! Maybe it means I'm getting fat, huh?!!

So here are some pictures!
Sorry if you like to have them but its out of reach!


For those who are not familiar with Sushi family, first picture is Tuna and Salmon Maki
Secondly, there are Avocado and Kisu fish Sushi. And then there are Omelet and Salmon.

And the last one is Pumpkin Tempura.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

How to download your informations from Facebook!

I don't know how many people are aware of this possibility on Facebook, but I just 'discovered' it few days back!

Let's get straight to how to do it.

Just follow this easy structure:

Loggin > go to Account > Account setting > under the button Settings go down to find "Download Your Informations" > click on Learn More and then you'll be guide to continue it. It will ask your password to confirm your identity! Make sure you didn't forget it!

As it reminds you as well, it may takes time!! I mean really long (for me it was like 30min or around), maybe the older you're having account, the more it takes time to gather all your posts, videos, pictures and comments that people left on each!!
It's pretty cool, right?

Then you can have them in a zip file.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

MacDonald's in Iran???

I just don't know how to start, but tonight I happened to see this picture on one of those people (cafe baghdad) who I follow on Twitter! It was incredibly surprising to me to see such shop exists in Iran, Tehran!

As a matter of fact, there is no original MacDonald's available in Iran.
So, is it that people started developing "local" MacDonald's?

The logo is almost the same as original one, except for some white parts on the "M" to make a little bit change to your eyes! And putting "mash" instead of Mac to 'localise' the brand's name!

The word "mash" in Persian is informal way to call men, mostly who works in bazaar or these kind of old places. It's an old word actually and widely used among middle-aged and elderly men to call each other.

Have you ever tried Mash Donald's in your life??

Lastly, I wonder how MacDonald's would react to this!

To see more pictures related to this article, please click on the following link:
Twitpic / cafebaghdad

Friday, 19 November 2010

The Big Short Difference!

It's been a while, maybe very long time, that I thought about doing a change! A change on my appearance! By doing it on my hairs!
Well, about 2 months ago, once I cut my hair from long to medium! I was just happy till I took shower and ah! all the perfection of the straight hair was rinsed to cesspit!! Again it was me with a fuzzy frizzy kind of look that left me no way but tying it at the back of my hair.

So, one day, this old mystery came to my mind again!!
"what if I get that short hair style once?(or maybe more than only one time)"

I was even dare to think about shaving my head, completely!!! just like this ad!!

But it's just too much for now!!... Let's start little by little~

Then, seriously, I started to search and try some good looking short styles that can match with my face.
Here I share some with you that I got from google and they're very famous actresses with very new looks from what we normally see from them (at least, to me it was like that)
These people are gonna be: Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, and Audrey Tautou, French actress well known as Amélie. And list goes on but here are my favorites!
Have a look

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Coffee Cup

Hi there.
Today's post is about introducing a new and talented singer! (or maybe it's just new to me!)

Anyway, today I was surfing the net to find some images/videos related to my current project which is about designing a logo for a coffee house (I shall explain about it in another post). So, somehow, I got to see this video named "coffee cup"! The title was enough interesting to me to click on it and hear a very warm and charming voice of someone new to me! Jennifer Kae!...

Here you can hear the song on Youtube: YouTube - Jennifer Kae - Coffee Cup: "Jennifer Kae"

So, I was curious to know more about her!
Of course I started to google up her name and founded some results that made me kind of jiggered!!
Firstly she grew up in a village in the Philippines and she had 13 sisters and brothers yet the good thing about this family was that there was kind of artistic atmosphere to let them follow musical trail. Now now she is 20 and famous perhaps more than the way I am! (just joking!)
There are even more interesting facts about her that I'd like to lead you to her official website at this address:

Jenniffer Kae - Her first album Faithfully and the top-single Little White Lies

Well, Jennifer! I didn't know you at all, but now as a girl just about your age, I'm happy to see such talented girl grew up in a big family and then become famous and inspiring to others, girls mostly!...
Take care of yourself and your gifted voice and good luck to you~

Monday, 15 November 2010

TITANIC for the very first time!

Well well well!!
It's been so long I didn't even click on my blog!...Sorry about that.
But today something made me to come and write about!...

Ah, you know! I'm just going to turn 21 and today was my First Time to watch TITANIC!! Very very first time!... You might be so surprised of it but I believe it was the best timing to do it so!... If I happened to watch it 12-10 years back, I wouldn't enjoy it the way I did today. I'm pretty sure about it.

Besides all the goodness and great touching moments that most people felt it truly, I just remembered one memory out of this greatness!

Back in the year when I was 3rd grade student at elementary school, I received some gifts from my friend/classmate (Kiana) for my birthday!... It was nothing but some great pictures of TITANIC movie on a comb and notebook that she gave me (I guess there was more items, but so far I can clearly remember these 2). I didn't know much about this movie but I was so fascinated and amazed by every single picture of Jack&Rose on my items. They were looking great and lovely to me! I could stare at them for so long and never get tired of doing it.

One day, after my class was done, I showed my gifts to my teacher (should I put her name?) and excitedly asking her: "Have you ever watched TITANIC ?"... She was kind of shock and surprised of a little girl's question and I can't remember she replied to me! But she took my stuffs and banned them in her locker until the other day!! She also warned me not to carry them around anymore!!!...
I think she didn't want to give them back to me, but as I told her it was a birthday gift, she changed her mind, hopefully!!

Since then, I was so curious to watch this movie... To see what really made my teacher to react like that as if I was having por** pictures or something similar to that!!
But today, I found that maybe she didn't notice the great parts of the movie, but those scenes they're showing naked portraits or Rose being naked to be drawn.!

How a narrow-minded person can put fear to little hearts and make them afraid of LOVE.

Well, past is past. The main point is "I enjoyed my movie today and it's gonna be favorite forever"