Monday, 15 November 2010

TITANIC for the very first time!

Well well well!!
It's been so long I didn't even click on my blog!...Sorry about that.
But today something made me to come and write about!...

Ah, you know! I'm just going to turn 21 and today was my First Time to watch TITANIC!! Very very first time!... You might be so surprised of it but I believe it was the best timing to do it so!... If I happened to watch it 12-10 years back, I wouldn't enjoy it the way I did today. I'm pretty sure about it.

Besides all the goodness and great touching moments that most people felt it truly, I just remembered one memory out of this greatness!

Back in the year when I was 3rd grade student at elementary school, I received some gifts from my friend/classmate (Kiana) for my birthday!... It was nothing but some great pictures of TITANIC movie on a comb and notebook that she gave me (I guess there was more items, but so far I can clearly remember these 2). I didn't know much about this movie but I was so fascinated and amazed by every single picture of Jack&Rose on my items. They were looking great and lovely to me! I could stare at them for so long and never get tired of doing it.

One day, after my class was done, I showed my gifts to my teacher (should I put her name?) and excitedly asking her: "Have you ever watched TITANIC ?"... She was kind of shock and surprised of a little girl's question and I can't remember she replied to me! But she took my stuffs and banned them in her locker until the other day!! She also warned me not to carry them around anymore!!!...
I think she didn't want to give them back to me, but as I told her it was a birthday gift, she changed her mind, hopefully!!

Since then, I was so curious to watch this movie... To see what really made my teacher to react like that as if I was having por** pictures or something similar to that!!
But today, I found that maybe she didn't notice the great parts of the movie, but those scenes they're showing naked portraits or Rose being naked to be drawn.!

How a narrow-minded person can put fear to little hearts and make them afraid of LOVE.

Well, past is past. The main point is "I enjoyed my movie today and it's gonna be favorite forever"

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