Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Which camera should I go for??

It's been a while since I'm thinking about having a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) and explore the new world of photography!!

I know the debate between Canon and Nikon has been on for ages, but to me it was not so hard to go for Canon. As I searched it's slightly cheaper and having a better quality in colours too!! (I appreciate Nikon as well, no doubt)

Now the hardest thing is to decide which model to choose?
So far, I'm having EOS 550D and EOS 60D as my final choices!

Besides the price gap between these 2 models, (that 60D is higher), thinking about the fact that I'm beginner in this "professional world" makes me think about 550D more!! Yet I read about some cool in-camera creative filters and the Vari-angle that makes it handy when it's time to record a video by using 60D! (both cameras share Full HD and 18 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor aspects in common)

The 550D got a nickname "baby 7D"... (7D is the highest in point of professionalism that I can't even think about it in this case). It is a bit smaller and lighter to carry around compare to 60D!

Well, my heart and 'pocket' are with 550D and my mind is with 60D !!!
What a hard decision...

I shall make up my mind before 2010 ends, therefore I can get 3 years guarantee for whatever product I purchase from Canon in Malaysia, KL .

On your left, you can see 550D and the last 3 on right, are 60D in different angles:


Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Give one, Get one !!

Finally, the fun day came!

We did celebrate Christmas and did exchange the gifts by having numbers tagged and then doing lucky-draw for each one!!...
Before that, we ordered pizzas from Domino's, 4 Xtra-Larges and 3 Regulars, it may sound BIG but it was gone just in 10 minutes I guess!! Haha... We were hungry!!
I could have 2 pieces; 1 x-tra large and 1 regular.

And here are the gifts!! Looks exciting!!

And this is my lucky-draw!! You know I could cheat with the number??
It didn't have any under line, so it was both "6" and "9" !!
But I chose 9 coz both are in green (like my top).

It's a "lucky cat-shaped strap" for having a Good Fortune!!
I hope it works well for me~ ☺

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Future is Now!

I'm gonna have some words with designers. My friends, lecturers or whoever do whatever in this industry!! A design-lover.

I know, we have a nick name "tree abuser"s!!... That doesn't sound nice, of course, but it's so true.

I understand that in some ways we may not be able to really help it, like when we do poster design, business card, broachers and all that yet we say "the earth is getting to be sick, dark, abused (We even had a competition about that!)...So, why don't we do something seriously?? Why not we just use "digital ways" to present our works? (Mainly "we" here means students)

I guess some already know what I'm talking about!!
Yes, the damn sketchbook!!...

Why we have to buy them, carry them and USE them ?
Basically, it's so for Students, coz I haven't seen any professional designer or design employee to carry such a BIG, heavy A3 (normal size) sketchbook all the time to show the progress of their works!! It just sound so "unprofessional". However, I see them carrying a laptop or even maybe and iPad or other electronic devices to present their designs. For sure it's cheaper (Coz they don't need to Print, Cut and Paste), easier and more convincing.

Then, what's the point after practicing all the professional skills, manners and all good things about design but still being far from being a real designer??
(You think I'm just tired of making my sketchbook for my new project?? Nope, apparently you're wrong! Coz I'm making sketchbooks for about 1 year(I still don't understand making sketchbooks since then!!). It's just a random thought that I wanted to share here! It may change something, who knows?? ☺)

To whom they may concern!
Let's make a change if we are REALLY worried for the earth and want to change the "tree abuser" to "echo-friendly-designers" or even something better (and more artistic).

For how long we're gonna say "in the future this will happen, that will happen"and talking about technologies?!! When are we suppose to use them?? We already have some great investments in this 21st century. Let's get rid of our fears!

~Future is nowhere but here! Right here, Right now~


Friday, 10 December 2010

How DARE I'm gonna...??

Oh Papa, Oh!!

I wonder how DARE I'm gonna bite you, papa??

You're one of the funniest memories from my childhood!

You made me feel so proud (read it arrogant (:p)) as well as angry!!!

Papa! You remember the time I was a little girl at kindergarten??
I got to know you since then.
And the best part was I could keep you in fridge, therefore I could prevent you from melting in my pink Tom&Jerry bag.
What's so special about it?? It's special coz only "me" could do it there since one of our relatives owns that kindergarten!... Other students could not do such a thing. *giggle (But honestly, I think I didn't do it more than 2 times!! Such a good girl ☺ )

So, how could I get angry out of such a beautiful, lovely, "delicious" Papa Noel ??

Well, it goes back to my brother!

But before that, let me tell you I have a habit that I keep my delicious foods to bite as last thing to make the ending memorable!! ♡ (I heard my father's grandmother was also like that!! Haha).

So,one day, my mother got me and my brother 2 Noel chocolates. My brother straightly ate his. So, I kept mine for a better time, for when I'm really craving for it. ♥

The other day, I opened the refrigerator  to get my chocolate, but the more I was looking for it, the less I could find!!... Can you guess what happened??... *sigh... Yes, my brother took mine as he thought I'm not gonna eat it!!!!! Gosh! Imagine my face at that time!!...

But never mind!
Yesterday I could see you, Papa, again after long time in market! And now I'm having you with me. But I can't make myself eating you!! How DARE I'm gonna...

Thursday, 9 December 2010

A very Christmas mood ever!!

Oh God! Recently I'm really busy thinking about SO many things!!...

First of all, the Christmas is coming! And it can be the biggest issue by itself!... ♪

At college, with my classmates, we're gonna have christmas gift exchanges !!! Sounds super cool for me who's gonna experience it (officially) for the first time!!!... Each of us gonna buy 1 gift max worth  RM5 and then we do a lucky draw to see what we get!!!... Cool, right?! I still don't know what to buy, but I should buy something suitable for both girls and boys!!... Not lipstick, nor... Errr... Gosh! Boys are always a big deal when it comes to buy a gift for them!!... Seriously, guys don't have much choices as girls do when it's time to get them a gift!

Anyway, I guess I get something related to my major, Graphic Design. That's better I guess.

And it's gonna be farewell party to one of  our lecturer too. *sniff ☹
Of course, saying goodbye is always hard, but, I personally could learn a lot from this lecturer (am I supposed to mention his name!?). So, that's a good part about it.

I have some other plans as well ☺, but it's gonna be surprise! So, *whisper* let me keep secret. ♥

▶ For the good-side of the Christmas

 For the sad-side of the Christmas (according to some reasons...But to me, it still looks nice)

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

How do they do it?!

"Web Design"

I know "web" and I know "design" separately! But it was bothering me when they both come together!!... I had a blank side on my mind about web design truly always!

But thanks to my new project at college, we're about to learn some new softwares to help us develop the final outcome. I can mention "Fireworks", "Dreamweaver", "Flash" & etc... They've been always scary to me! But today I just realized "Oh... So, this is it?!"

No no no no!! Don't take me wrong! They don't sound easy, you know! You gotta work with them first and feel both good and bad sides as well.

So, when I got home, I tried to do some changes on my own blog! And I got to know some new things!! That feels good.

How about you! How familiar are you with these all ''scary'' softwares? Can you teach me some? ;)