Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Future is Now!

I'm gonna have some words with designers. My friends, lecturers or whoever do whatever in this industry!! A design-lover.

I know, we have a nick name "tree abuser"s!!... That doesn't sound nice, of course, but it's so true.

I understand that in some ways we may not be able to really help it, like when we do poster design, business card, broachers and all that yet we say "the earth is getting to be sick, dark, abused (We even had a competition about that!)...So, why don't we do something seriously?? Why not we just use "digital ways" to present our works? (Mainly "we" here means students)

I guess some already know what I'm talking about!!
Yes, the damn sketchbook!!...

Why we have to buy them, carry them and USE them ?
Basically, it's so for Students, coz I haven't seen any professional designer or design employee to carry such a BIG, heavy A3 (normal size) sketchbook all the time to show the progress of their works!! It just sound so "unprofessional". However, I see them carrying a laptop or even maybe and iPad or other electronic devices to present their designs. For sure it's cheaper (Coz they don't need to Print, Cut and Paste), easier and more convincing.

Then, what's the point after practicing all the professional skills, manners and all good things about design but still being far from being a real designer??
(You think I'm just tired of making my sketchbook for my new project?? Nope, apparently you're wrong! Coz I'm making sketchbooks for about 1 year(I still don't understand making sketchbooks since then!!). It's just a random thought that I wanted to share here! It may change something, who knows?? ☺)

To whom they may concern!
Let's make a change if we are REALLY worried for the earth and want to change the "tree abuser" to "echo-friendly-designers" or even something better (and more artistic).

For how long we're gonna say "in the future this will happen, that will happen"and talking about technologies?!! When are we suppose to use them?? We already have some great investments in this 21st century. Let's get rid of our fears!

~Future is nowhere but here! Right here, Right now~


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