Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Give one, Get one !!

Finally, the fun day came!

We did celebrate Christmas and did exchange the gifts by having numbers tagged and then doing lucky-draw for each one!!...
Before that, we ordered pizzas from Domino's, 4 Xtra-Larges and 3 Regulars, it may sound BIG but it was gone just in 10 minutes I guess!! Haha... We were hungry!!
I could have 2 pieces; 1 x-tra large and 1 regular.

And here are the gifts!! Looks exciting!!

And this is my lucky-draw!! You know I could cheat with the number??
It didn't have any under line, so it was both "6" and "9" !!
But I chose 9 coz both are in green (like my top).

It's a "lucky cat-shaped strap" for having a Good Fortune!!
I hope it works well for me~ ☺

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