Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Which camera should I go for??

It's been a while since I'm thinking about having a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) and explore the new world of photography!!

I know the debate between Canon and Nikon has been on for ages, but to me it was not so hard to go for Canon. As I searched it's slightly cheaper and having a better quality in colours too!! (I appreciate Nikon as well, no doubt)

Now the hardest thing is to decide which model to choose?
So far, I'm having EOS 550D and EOS 60D as my final choices!

Besides the price gap between these 2 models, (that 60D is higher), thinking about the fact that I'm beginner in this "professional world" makes me think about 550D more!! Yet I read about some cool in-camera creative filters and the Vari-angle that makes it handy when it's time to record a video by using 60D! (both cameras share Full HD and 18 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor aspects in common)

The 550D got a nickname "baby 7D"... (7D is the highest in point of professionalism that I can't even think about it in this case). It is a bit smaller and lighter to carry around compare to 60D!

Well, my heart and 'pocket' are with 550D and my mind is with 60D !!!
What a hard decision...

I shall make up my mind before 2010 ends, therefore I can get 3 years guarantee for whatever product I purchase from Canon in Malaysia, KL .

On your left, you can see 550D and the last 3 on right, are 60D in different angles:



Jonathan said...

550D.. Although i know nothing about it. But you won't be taking much vid using this cam anyway. It's not made for it. You would be better off using a video recorder thing... (camcorder).

FarFar said...

Hey! Thanks for the advice!!
I'm also sure I'll be getting 550D !... And you know! hopefully I heard it's good for taking video too!! Maybe I'll be able to make short movies!! :D

Yukio Mishima said...

WHERE IS UR CHATBOX???? SO HARD TO LEAVE COMMENTS!!!!! (><) and i finally know ur blog add~!! whee~~!!

FarFar said...

To Yukio Mushima>
Hi !! Thanks for leaving a comment although it seems to be difficult for you! ;)
But I can't recognize you! Sorry!! Yet I guess I know you! You are...?

Jonathan said...

That is stephanie.... lol

FarFar said...

Hahahahaaaa!! You played me for a fool !!!!!! :p =))))))
I was right I could sense I know her!!!! :))))) Hahaaaaaaa