Sunday, 9 January 2011

Don't be shy!!

This is my first post in 2011 !! Happy New Year (with some delays)
Hope everybody just started a good one and continue well. ☺

The very first serious time I used my new camera was today!
Regarding to my current project at college, I was supposed to take pictures of 2 (plus 1*) places in KL.
KL Central, KL Tower and *National Museum.

And wow!! This camera is just fantastic!! It's so comfortable to work with! I was basically in car, though.
I so hope to take better and better pictures and be more brave to use my camera in public. It's just uncomfortable still and another reason is for safety!... Yeah! I don't feel secure outside! (Maybe that's why I like studio-based work more!)

Here, just "some" of them:
*P.S The resolution is low in order to save time to upload pics here.

                                                       Don't hide yourself! Don't be shy!!


                                                                         Hey Mate!

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