Friday, 4 February 2011

The other side of Holidays

Hi, This is New Chinese Year! "Gong Xie Fa Chai"

So, as a matter of fact, we got 2 weeks holidays from college! Compare to other colleges or universities, it seems a little bit too much! yet we got lots of assignments to do! Therefore, they call it "Working Holiday"!

I don't really like holidays in between of semesters when we have works to do! I cannot do my works appropriately nor enjoying my holidays. But, I'll enjoy doing other stuffs that somehow are essential to get some knowledges.

Watching movies is one huge example. Yesterday (Thursday) was wholly filled by 3 movies. I started late on Wednesday (when it was time to celebrate Chinese New Year in Malaysia) and continued on Thursday afternoon.
3 Persian (Iranian) movies that I got to them "coincidentally" were watched online on Youtube!! And again 3 of them came with English subtitle! Cool~

First one was "Women Without Men" (zanan bedoone mardan) by Shirin Neshat.
Second one was "Men at work" (kargaran mashghoole karand) by Maani Haghighi 
And lastly "ten" (dah), which was sort of docudrama or something like that by Abbas Kiarostami.

Yes, I enjoyed 3 of them and could learn a lot in some ways.

I guess I'm getting to know although my major is Graphic Design but I so love movie and film making. In other word, Film Industry.