Sunday, 20 November 2011


I was thinking of what to do for my coming birthday this year!

Last year, I did nothing special but having LOTs of Sushi and Japanese food for lunch that made me full (very full) for the whole day!! I couldn't have cakes coz it would make me explore on that special day (Just imagine!).

But this year, I think I got few more people around and closer friends that may help me make this day unforgettable.

I always liked those big parties with bunch of people, getting loud and crazy. But I'm not involved with the "ideal" group yet !! |_・)

So, I Googled about Birthday Ideas specially for the 22nd one.

I found interesting results and ideas. So far, people were recommending "themed party", or a "crazy night out for a movie, club, bowling" or whatever. "Making a trip or a short vacation" sounds really good to me, but hey! I'm still student!... (・_-。 )

Besides having party, cake, dinner and fun, I just thought of doing something related to the number 22 !!
The idea is, to learn 22 new words, names, places or etc... in any subject! It can be in ART, GEOGRAPHY, MUSIC, LANGUAGE, FOOD, CAR and and and...
doesn't it sound AMAZING??

Well, I'm excited about this and going to make my list for that day soon.

Give me suggestions if you have any. 。◕‿◕。