Friday, 10 December 2010

How DARE I'm gonna...??

Oh Papa, Oh!!

I wonder how DARE I'm gonna bite you, papa??

You're one of the funniest memories from my childhood!

You made me feel so proud (read it arrogant (:p)) as well as angry!!!

Papa! You remember the time I was a little girl at kindergarten??
I got to know you since then.
And the best part was I could keep you in fridge, therefore I could prevent you from melting in my pink Tom&Jerry bag.
What's so special about it?? It's special coz only "me" could do it there since one of our relatives owns that kindergarten!... Other students could not do such a thing. *giggle (But honestly, I think I didn't do it more than 2 times!! Such a good girl ☺ )

So, how could I get angry out of such a beautiful, lovely, "delicious" Papa Noel ??

Well, it goes back to my brother!

But before that, let me tell you I have a habit that I keep my delicious foods to bite as last thing to make the ending memorable!! ♡ (I heard my father's grandmother was also like that!! Haha).

So,one day, my mother got me and my brother 2 Noel chocolates. My brother straightly ate his. So, I kept mine for a better time, for when I'm really craving for it. ♥

The other day, I opened the refrigerator  to get my chocolate, but the more I was looking for it, the less I could find!!... Can you guess what happened??... *sigh... Yes, my brother took mine as he thought I'm not gonna eat it!!!!! Gosh! Imagine my face at that time!!...

But never mind!
Yesterday I could see you, Papa, again after long time in market! And now I'm having you with me. But I can't make myself eating you!! How DARE I'm gonna...

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