Thursday, 9 December 2010

A very Christmas mood ever!!

Oh God! Recently I'm really busy thinking about SO many things!!...

First of all, the Christmas is coming! And it can be the biggest issue by itself!... ♪

At college, with my classmates, we're gonna have christmas gift exchanges !!! Sounds super cool for me who's gonna experience it (officially) for the first time!!!... Each of us gonna buy 1 gift max worth  RM5 and then we do a lucky draw to see what we get!!!... Cool, right?! I still don't know what to buy, but I should buy something suitable for both girls and boys!!... Not lipstick, nor... Errr... Gosh! Boys are always a big deal when it comes to buy a gift for them!!... Seriously, guys don't have much choices as girls do when it's time to get them a gift!

Anyway, I guess I get something related to my major, Graphic Design. That's better I guess.

And it's gonna be farewell party to one of  our lecturer too. *sniff ☹
Of course, saying goodbye is always hard, but, I personally could learn a lot from this lecturer (am I supposed to mention his name!?). So, that's a good part about it.

I have some other plans as well ☺, but it's gonna be surprise! So, *whisper* let me keep secret. ♥

▶ For the good-side of the Christmas

 For the sad-side of the Christmas (according to some reasons...But to me, it still looks nice)

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