Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Coffee Cup

Hi there.
Today's post is about introducing a new and talented singer! (or maybe it's just new to me!)

Anyway, today I was surfing the net to find some images/videos related to my current project which is about designing a logo for a coffee house (I shall explain about it in another post). So, somehow, I got to see this video named "coffee cup"! The title was enough interesting to me to click on it and hear a very warm and charming voice of someone new to me! Jennifer Kae!...

Here you can hear the song on Youtube: YouTube - Jennifer Kae - Coffee Cup: "Jennifer Kae"

So, I was curious to know more about her!
Of course I started to google up her name and founded some results that made me kind of jiggered!!
Firstly she grew up in a village in the Philippines and she had 13 sisters and brothers yet the good thing about this family was that there was kind of artistic atmosphere to let them follow musical trail. Now now she is 20 and famous perhaps more than the way I am! (just joking!)
There are even more interesting facts about her that I'd like to lead you to her official website at this address:

Jenniffer Kae - Her first album Faithfully and the top-single Little White Lies

Well, Jennifer! I didn't know you at all, but now as a girl just about your age, I'm happy to see such talented girl grew up in a big family and then become famous and inspiring to others, girls mostly!...
Take care of yourself and your gifted voice and good luck to you~

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