Saturday, 27 November 2010

Last minutes of my special day~

It was (still is) my birthday today!!
I just turned to 21. Happy Birthday to all who share same birthday as mine! And *Bruce Lee*!!
It was kind of first time to have a birthday as quiet as this! but of course I received lots of msgs, sms and call phones from friends and family! It was so nice to feel all kindness from every single of them! I'm grateful to that.

The best thing about today was lunch time at Sushi Zanmai!
I had lots of Sushi to celebrate!!!
I was totally full! Can't believe I got that much space in my stomach!!! Haha! Maybe it means I'm getting fat, huh?!!

So here are some pictures!
Sorry if you like to have them but its out of reach!


For those who are not familiar with Sushi family, first picture is Tuna and Salmon Maki
Secondly, there are Avocado and Kisu fish Sushi. And then there are Omelet and Salmon.

And the last one is Pumpkin Tempura.

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