Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Promote your self??

It's been quite long time I couldn't blog!

Well, I was busy with the hardest project (so far!). However, I could learn so many new things! And even could explore new life-style! :D (I write about that later)

It was about "self-promotion" and introducing our-self in specific profession. Although I have studied Graphic Design for almost 5 years, it's not my "thing" yet! I mean, Graphic Design is a big major in art, I know, but I don't wanna stick to design as we know in layout design, book/magazine cover/pages. Yes, I may do these things as well, but I wanna focus on Photography more. Oh, and when it has the taste of Fashion... I so love it. 

Next step related to this would be about going for internship!! I'm gonna come up with my own company/studio to attend the 1 month internship! Coz I heard the list that college holds is mostly related to publication!! (not my thing!!!)

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