Thursday, 3 March 2011

Something got broke!

Well well well...

This so-called-"break-up" just happened and it's official!... I'm fine, though!

This relationship was so sweet so couldn't remain as it used to be like! And I believe nothing "good" lasts, or if it does, there might be some unpleasant changes, probably! 
So, better to end it now before it gets late, and it hurts more! (Then it's harder!!) And the 2 parties won't waste their time and energy on the other one!

Facebook was always a matter!
But I didn't change anything, coz I thought it seems to be more "normal"without changing  than turning it to something "awkward"!... And I don't have anything to hide!... Well, people are different! I should respect people's privacy~ :)

Now I'm gonna focus on something big!... (Guess this is the same way people try to follow after their sweet moments are over!) :p Yeah, I'm gonna move on!

Don't expect me to put any broken-heart pic here, that's not me!!
I'm gonna show my feeling in different ways!! 
Maybe making a movie!!!!?
Doesn't it sound COOL? I mean, making a movie~~!


JoSpooky Takeshi said...

hey! don't be sad, you know me and the stephanie gang got your back all the time! we rock and we always will! and yea! KL STOP never die! :D

FarFar said...

Oh! So sweet of you! Thanks!
I'm so grateful to have such lovely friends~ :)
Haha, yeah, KL STOP never stops!!! :D Go on~