Wednesday, 6 April 2011

So far my college life

It's been quite long time since I blogged last time.

Although I'm not actively blogging, but compare to last year or years before it, I seem to be so active now!! Ha ha

This April and May are the busiest times in my college life! Got so many assignments, competitions, seminars and articles to work on. But the good thing here to motivate us continuing is 4 months of holidays are waiting for us!! That's super cool~

Oh, I forgot to tell I'll have internship to handel as well. So far I just could think about 2 companies from the list given to us by our lecturer. The rest are not related to the fields I like or seems so far away to go and come back pretty everydays!
I can come up with my own place as well... Thinking about photography studios!!
Hmm... Let's see how I come up with the best solution till 15th this month!! ☺

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