Saturday, 25 June 2011

You Rock My World ♬

Well, today is 25th... 25th of June 2011. Two years ago, the whole world stopped for a while!... Out of shock!!... The most terrible news anyone could ever hear in their life... And repeating: "Michael Jackson's dead?????"...
It was shocking for the entire universe... No matter you were black or white, short or tall, boy or girl, man or woman, young or old, his fan or not... Everyone got shocked!

I didn't know him much when I heard that horrible news. 
But I could remember him a little bit from my childhood! Few memories like watching his "Black or White" music video at my grandma's place brought by my uncle and being SO fascinated specially by the end shots where different faces changes to the next, smoothly and greatly!!... I was about 6-7 year old.

And remembering my brother having some of his songs but never let me listen to them as he said "it's not good for kids, there are some "bad words" in it!! (It's totally false, right??) And I couldn't understand his songs much coz I was not so good at English! 

And also I remember, once my cousin was showing some music videos of him to us, we just could see a little bit of "You Are Not Alone" and she stopped it by the time Michael and Lisa were shown naked!! She told us they're wife and husband (And also believing it's harmful for kids to watch!!)... I was about 10.
Yeah, basically, I knew him visually more than knowing him verbally or in words.

My memories are coming from 90s mostly. When Michael was looking so HOT in those years! He was always cute, though.

And later, 2000 onward, I could see a little bit more, but could never ever understand him as I do now!... It's a shame and big regret for me, I missed knowing him when he was alive. I've started being one of his young fan maybe less than a year!... When he was gone! :(
I'm feeling bad about my misfortunate!... Sharing the same lifetime with him and not knowing him truly?? And I must confess I was manipulated by the DEVIL media as well unless I could discover the truth in recent time. 
Why this people tried to destroy his life by making all the bullsh*ts around?? I seriously feel sorry for them!... You were the one who are FREAKS, not him!

Anyways, I know Michael just the true way he was; pure, innocent, caring, fun and the most loving person existing on this earth!... Thanks for sharing your heart and talent with us!... You were not only the King Of Pop, but also the King Of Hearts. You were too good to be here more! Heaven COULDN'T Wait.

 Rest In Peace, Michael Dear Jackson ♥

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