Monday, 31 October 2011

What I'm up to

Hello fellows!

It's been long time since I uploaded a post here!!
I was quite busy, you might say.

Well, I had a trip back to my country for 2 months and didn't get any mood to update my blog! :p

And, it's been a month I've started my last year of degree study in Graphic Design.
Something that really made me busy is writing my dissertation proposal.
Although I'm in love with the topic I chose, it really makes me wonder. Jumping from one subject to another... and another... and another!
Guess what is about??
So, probably, I'll have a lot to talk about.
So far, one of the most interesting master piece and photographs belong to "ANNIE LEIBOVITZ". Words are so weak to describe her works! You might need a little Google search if you're not sure you know this talent or not!

And hopefully, I've founded some very good blogs and websites which are so helpful to get my informations accurately. Finding some photographers on Google+ is also great. I might set an email interview with some of them.

Let's see what will I do ☺

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